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Garden Windows

Last updated on 02/05/2022

A Garden Window with Plants

Gardening can be a fantastic and relaxing hobby and can be done from inside your home with a garden window, often found in a kitchen over the sink. You get to watch your plants grow and thrive, you can enjoy beautiful blooms, and you may even get to eat food, such as herbs, from some of your plants. But do you ever struggle to get your indoor plants enough sun or find a good place to start your seedlings?

A garden window can be a great place to grow your plants, as well as a fantastic way to bring more natural light into your home. Read on to learn more about garden windows and all the benefits they can bring to your house.

What Is a Garden Window?

Before we dive into all the benefits garden windows can provide, let’s talk some about what they are. Garden windows are a style of window that protrudes out from your house. Garden windows don’t go all the way to the floor and instead create a shelf that extends out from the exterior walls. It essentially creates a box of glass.

Garden windows take their name from the space they provide to grow plants indoors. These windows have glass on three sides and often on the top, providing plenty of natural light. Even if you don’t grow plants, these windows can be an amazing feature in your home, especially in kitchens or sunrooms because they allow so much sunlight in to your home.

Drawing of a garden window


One of the biggest advantages of a garden window is the opportunity it offers for ventilation. Most garden windows feature side windows that can open, providing fresh air for your plants, in addition to plenty of sunlight. These side vents can also be a great way to bring fresh air into your home. They're especially helpful in ventilating a kitchen when cooking.

Because garden windows include the two angled side windows, you can get a bit of a breeze coming through. This can be a wonderful way to keep your home comfortable and fresh during good weather. Kitchen garden windows can also be useful, since these spaces may sometimes need some extra ventilation options.

More Natural Light

Of course, the main purpose of garden windows is to increase the amount of natural light in your home. While this was originally designed with plants in mind, it can also have a number of fantastic benefits for you, too. For one thing, you can save money on your electricity bills since you won’t need to rely as much on electric lights.

Having more natural light in your home can help to boost your Vitamin D levels and may help to ward off some of the effects of seasonal depression. Getting more natural light can reset your circadian rhythms and help you to sleep better. It may also improve symptoms of migraines and eye strain, especially if you work from home.

Improved Home Value

It may come as no surprise that adding garden windows can improve your home value. The added light and ventilation alone make the home more desirable to future potential buyers. But the value a garden window can add to your home may have increased in the last two years.

In the last few years, many of us have taken up gardening or started getting more house plants. This has become a wonderful way to make our homes cozier and get access to kitchen ingredients without going to the store. Garden windows make it easier for future home buyers to keep their plants happy and healthy indoors.

More Natural Beauty

Garden windows are a fantastic way to bring more natural beauty into your home, for more than one reason. Of course, if you choose to keep plants in your garden window, you’ll get all the benefits of natural greenery. In fact, there have been studies that have shown having house plants can reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your productivity.

But even if you don’t keep plants, garden windows can be a great way to bring the outdoors inside. The angled windows offer wider views of the surrounding landscape than you would get from even the biggest picture windows. Garden windows are a perfect choice for homes with views that are too gorgeous to hide.

Garden Window Cost

So how much will it cost you if you decide you want to install a garden window in your home? Several factors will impact how much you’ll have to pay for a garden window, beginning with how big you want the window to be. Bigger windows will cost more, as will windows with higher-quality glass.

Your garden window price will also vary depending on what sort of features you want, including shelving, trim options, ventilation, and more. In general, you can expect to pay between $500 and $2,500 for your garden window installed, depending on where you live and how big it is. This cost can drop dramatically if you are simply replacing an existing garden window. The good news is that this price does include installation labor.

Learn More About Garden Windows

Garden windows can be an amazing way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Not only do they provide a great spot to grow your plants, but they can also give you unparalleled views of your surroundings. While you should expect to pay a little more for your garden windows, they’re more than worth the extra expense.

If you’d like to learn more about garden windows, check out the rest of our site at Window Joe Replacement Windows. We provide support to homeowners in selecting replacement windows and replacement window installers. Check out our guide to different types of window replacements today and start saving on replacement windows.

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