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Fourth Ward Window Replacement

While considering Fourth Ward window replacement many people like to contemplate and weigh the option of repairing their existing windows instead. But how do you know when your Fourth Ward windows are beyond repair? What are the factors involved that make repairing your windows impossible? Here are some guidelines to follow while you enter into your journey of Fourth Ward window replacement.

Breaks in the Glass

The biggest and most important reason for replacement of your windows an undertaking this Houston home improvement project rather than repairing them is for safety. The safety of your family and Texas home are of the utmost importance to you, and if you have windows in your Fourth Ward home that pose a danger, they will need replacement.

Of course if you have any windows in which the glass is broken they will need replacement. But sometimes glass can be broken without our knowing it. In Texas, breaks can occur in spots that are down inside the frame or the muntins (framing between panes in windows that are made up of more than one sheet of glass). These breaks can go undetected until eventually they spread to the visible parts of the glass. If they never become detected, they are an even bigger hazard as the glass could shatter upon opening or closing.

There is also danger if the glass is not broken, but cracked. When temperatures change, glass expands and contracts. This movement over time can cause the glass to crack. These cracks can sometimes be large, but many times they are small and unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Like breaks, these cracks can cause the glass to shatter. If you have any breaks or cracks, you will want to order Fourth Ward window replacement rather than attempting repairs.

Broken Locks

Another security threat that gives reason to choose Fourth Ward window replacement over repair occurs when you are no longer able to open your Fourth Ward windows. In TX, as windows age their mechanisms break down. This can cause them to open with great difficulty, or not open at all. Additionally, over time people paint Texas windows to keep them looking good. Without a good knowledge of the inner workings of the mechanics (which few of us have), many Fourth Ward people inadvertently paint over the mechanisms that open and close the windows. This paint then forms a glue-like seal, preventing it from moving.

You may think that because you have gotten used to not being able to open that window, it is not a problem to leave it the way it is. This is not true. A situation may arise when you or someone else needs to get through that window. For instance, in case of fire, you need to make sure all the windows in your Fourth Ward home are fully operable. Fourth Ward window replacement is the only way to ensure a safe ingress and egress through all of your windows.

So your TX windows open and close just fine, but one or more of them don't lock. Burglars look for things like unlocked windows, or ones that need replacement. You should have all of your window locks in working order. It is just as dangerous for your home if your windows do not unlock. Consider the above reference to a fire (or other emergency situation). Now consider the only way in or out of that situation is through that window that does not lock. Wouldn't it be better just to order Fourth Ward window replacement?

You might be saying to yourself that you are convinced that something needs to be done about one or all of the above issues, but you are still not convinced that you necessarily need Fourth Ward window replacement. In some instances windows can be repaired, but there are still some very good arguments that support Fourth Ward window replacement.

Anyone in Fourth Ward who as a child broke their mom's favorite coffee mug or porcelain figurine knows that cracks and breaks in glass can be repaired. But this is your window, which keeps your house sheltered from the elements. This is your first line of defense against everything from weather to the criminal element. One thing childhood taught us is that once glass is broken, it no longer has the integrity and strength it did before. In this case, replacement is always better than repair.

Broken window locks seem like an easy fix, don't they? In some cases, they are. However, you should take into consideration the age of your windows. It can sometimes very difficult to find replacement parts, and you will need to consider this when making your decision. If you have any doubts about these things at all, you definitely should opt for Fourth Ward window replacement.