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Fiberglass Window Replacement

Of all the materials most commonly used to manufacture window frames, fiberglass is the newest entry. As such, it is not as well known to homeowners. The material itself has been around for a while, but its application in window replacement is still a bit of an unknown to many people. The more people read up on them and study them, the more they like the idea of using this material in their new windows. Still, their popularity has been held back for one major reason. The sticking point is cost. At least up to this point, fiberglass windows have not been price competitive with other materials. The initial cost is prohibitive for a low of people who might otherwise use them if all things were equal.

New Material on the Scene

The popularity (or lack thereof) of fiberglass windows has been severely impacted by the fact that they are so expensive and thus, so hard for most of us to afford. They lag far behind windows of other materials because of the upfront cost. But as far as performance is concerned, they are great products.

Fiberglass window replacement is a very expensive choice, but for those who are willing to out the money into these products, they can be a great long term investment. Someone who is building a house who plans to stay there forever might think about this sort of investment. A couple remodeling a home might opt for fiberglass window replacement knowing that they will never have to deal with the windows again. For those who have the cash to buy them in the first place and are willing to put up that cash, these windows can be well worth the money.

Some Reluctant to Try Fiberglass

One common knock on fiberglass as window frame material is that it has not been around as long as the other materials, and that it has not seen enough use for anyone to get a true sense of how it performs on a long term basis. People are hesitant to try it out even if they have the money to do so because they are skeptical of this material as a viable option for their windows. They feel that they may be taking too much of a risk on an unknown quantity (and spending a great quantity of money in doing so).

But in reality, fiberglass has undergone much more testing than many of these critics and skeptics realize. It has been tried out in many different situations, and it is more of a known quantity than many of us give it credit for. Even so, if it weren't for the fact that it was so expensive, more consumers would probably be willing to use it in their homes. After all, both vinyl and aluminum were both once new materials for use in windows as well, and people took a chance on both of them when they were new. The difference is affordability.

Fiberglass has Many Impressive Qualities

Fiberglass is a surface that can be easily painted, is durable and very weather resistant. It is completely impervious to moisture, so it is a natural choice as a window frame material. It offers very low maintenance care thanks to its weatherproof nature. Fiberglass is very strong, so its sashes and frames can be very thin. Sight lines are improved with a larger resulting glass area.

Fiberglass is a very good insulator. And these fiberglass windows often come with energy efficient glass. Albeit an expensive product, fiberglass is a good choice if you're looking for a quality window replacement.