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Window Replacement Estimates

Last updated on 11/18/2019

Window replacement estimates are easy to get online. You can request estimates, compare rates and even choose your replacements all from the comfort of your living room. If you have been putting off replacing your windows because you thought the price from window replacement contractors would be too costly, you will be pleasantly surprised at the estimates you can get by shopping online. So if you are in the market to replace that old casement or double hung style, get your estimates online now and save hundreds.

Basics of Replacement Windows

Before you shop for window replacement estimates, you must have an idea of what you want. Of course, the size is the most important thing. If your new windows are sized incorrectly, you will not have a good fit or will have to reorder. In order to determine the size you need, you would like to replace, measure vertically and horizontally in three locations, top, sides, middle. You will want to use the smallest measurements. Next, you will want to know if the existing opening is square. To determine this, measure diagonally from corner to corner on both sides. If the measurements match, it is square.

Your next decision when requesting window replacement estimates is what kind of style you want. You can choose to remain with the old style, or go with something completely different to change the look of the home. If you are planning to change the size completely, such as replace a casement style with a full picture style that is much larger, you will probably need to get window replacement estimates that include some carpentry.

There are several types of styles to choose from. Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, while casements hinge at the side and have a crank to open the unit outward. Gliding, on the other hand, open horizontally, and double hung open vertically. A picture style does not open but is made just for looking at the view. Most picture windows also do not have grilles or any other obstruction.

Wood or Vinyl Window Frames?

Your next major decision before getting window replacement estimates is to determine the type of material you want. There are a wide range of materials to choose from. You may want to use metal, composite, vinyl, or wood depending on your budget and the look you want. The replacement window cost will vary depending on what you choose. You can get estimates on each one and then decide how you would like to proceed. Of course, if you are just looking for estimates on window glass replacement, you will save even more money.

If you are looking for a replacement that is low maintenance, the best replacement windows for this purpose are vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl is an excellent material because it will not rust, warp, chip, crack, or peel. The paint that is applied to vinyl is mixed in at the factory and so comes with excellent guarantees. The vinyl frames are also hollow to allow for better insulation. Many believe that vinyl is the material of choice when you are looking for window replacement estimates.

Wood is also a good choice for replacements. You can get an estimate on a variety of wooden styles and sizes. Wooden windows require a little more maintenance than vinyl, but are worth it when the beauty of the wood shines through. Wood is also an excellent insulator. Wood does not conduct heat or cold like metal will. If you take care of wood, it will last you for many years.

Available Replacement Kits

When you request estimates, be sure to ask about the kits that are available. You can get a variety of kits that will replace all or just pieces of your window. A sash kit, will give an old window new movable parts, while an insert will give you a full window that is made to go into the existing frame. If you use an insert, the glass area will be slightly smaller because you are putting one inside the old one. It is important to note that if the frame around your existing window is rotted or damaged, you will need to replace the frame. Be sure to mention this when requesting your window replacement estimates.

Window replacement estimates are the perfect solution to help you save money on your heating and air conditioning bills. It can also give an old home an updated look. Before requesting window replacement estimates, have an idea of the size you need and the style you want to use. Be sure to mention items such as carpentry work that may need to be done so you get an estimate that covers all costs. Once the project is complete, you will likely enjoy your new windows for years to come.

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