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What Is Energy Star Certification?

Installing Energy Star certified windows, doors, and skylights helps homeowners lower their energy bills and saves them money. With this kind of energy efficiency, consumers also use less energy to heat or cool off their home, which helps reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Energy Star certification is a process of testing and verifying the energy efficiency of home products such as windows. High performers, such as double glazed windows, are certified and fitted with the Energy Star label.

Significance of Energy Star Label

Homeowners who are thinking about getting new windows should definitely think about looking at products certified in this U.S. government sponsored program. These products function at a high level and achieve great success at keeping homes more comfortable. They put an end to cold spaces created by drafty windows. Many Energy Star qualified windows have a special glass coating that acts like a sunscreen for the house, protecting both the home's furniture and its occupants.

Taking on a window replacement job is a challenge, especially given the financial cost. But installing windows that qualify for this program can save homeowners a substantial percentage on their home energy bills compared to non qualified products. Exact savings will depend on factors such as the average costs of heating and cooling in the region and the building style of the home, but it is clear that making the choice to consciously opt for windows that are certified in this governmental program can be an important one.

Window Replacement and Heat Gain

Many homes' interiors heat up beyond belief during the warm summer months, and are almost impossible to keep comfortable. Older windows can allow an astoundingly high percentage of the sun's heat into the home. But windows certified by the Energy Star program significantly reduce heat loss. Invest in window replacement.