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Double Pane Window Replacement

A double pane window replacement is the best way to increase your home's energy efficiency. Whether you live in the cold climates of Alaska or the warm humid zones of Florida, you can find a double paned replacement that will fit your needs when you shop online for the top providers in your area. Be sure to ask for Energy Star products when you shop for maximum efficiency and possible qualifications for tax rebates. No matter whether you have one double pane window replacement to do or several, you will save money when you shop online.

Double paned windows have long been the best design to use when you want maximum energy efficiency. The panes have a layer of air or even gas between them, which allows for maximum insulation. These windows come in many different styles and sizes, and are easy to replace with a few tools. If your home currently has single pane windows, you will notice an immediate difference in the temperature of the home when you replace them with a double paned design.

Energy Savings

Specialty window replacment jobs like door window replacement or a double replacement pane will not only save you money on your home's heating and air conditioning bills, but may also qualify you for a tax rebate at tax time. The Energy Star program is a program that the government put into effect allowing homeowners to earn tax rebates when they use energy efficient material for their home improvement projects. This program allows excellent rebates when the Energy Star approved products are used.

A replacement can earn the Energy Star label when it meets the EPA standards for energy efficiency. Each area of the country has specific standards that are based on the climate and area. If a pane has the Energy Star label on it, it has been determined to be extremely energy efficient. Be sure to save the receipts for your double pane window replacement and give them to your tax professional.

Replacement Window Pane

There are several types of glass to choose from when doing a window project. The clear window is the traditional choice but you may want to consider the glazed option to control the amount of condensation as well as the heat loss. The low-emissivity or Low E glass possesses a special coating that reduces the amount of heat that moves through the double pane window replacement. The Low E styles do not affect the light that comes through the windowpane, only the heat.

Another type of windowpane is the heat absorbing style. This one comes with a special tint that absorbs the solar energy. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider this style as some of the heat will filter into the room. You can also choose reflective windowpanes that have a reflective film. These styles do reduce the amount of light that passes through the pane, so if you want maximum natural light, this may not be the best choice for your needs.

Replacing a Double Paned Window

Before you decide to do a double paned replacement, you may want to shop online and find how to advice. There are many sources that can provide you with step by step instructions and videos that are easy to follow. If you plan to hire a contractor to do the work, you will still want to purchase your double pane window replacement from an online vendor for maximum savings. You can purchase the unit, have it shipped directly to your home, and then have a contractor do the replacement.

When shopping for a double pane window replacement contractor, be sure to get quotes from several licensed and insured companies. Request references and ask about their warranties. A good contractor should provide you with a warranty of the work that they do. If you are enlarging a window, be sure the contractor pulls the appropriate building permits before they begin the project. Anytime you enlarge an opening on an exterior wall of a home, it is imperative that you pull the permits before proceeding.

A double pane window replacement is a project that will save you money by decreasing your heating and cooling costs. If you purchase Energy Star approved products, it also may qualify you for an excellent tax rebate at tax time. Always get quotes from several providers when shopping for a double pane window replacement. Ask about available warranties and internet specials that might be available. Be sure that if you use a contractor to do the work, that you are working with a licensed and insured company who will provide a work guarantee. No matter whether you are replacing single pane designs with a double pane window replacement, or are just replacing the broken glass in an old window, you can find excellent prices for what you need online.