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Double Pane Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Double paned glass window replacement strikes the happy medium when it comes to replacement windows. Double paned windows are much more energy efficient than single paned while they are a lot less expensive than triple paned. Double paned replacement windows are the most popular models on the market today. And there is good reason for this, as they combine high performance with affordability. They offer great insulation properties while still being affordable for many homeowners. Double paned windows are also very popular in new construction as well, for the very same reasons. The combination between affordability and efficiency is what guarantees that these windows will be on the market for a long time to come.

Homeowners Love Double Paned Windows

Homeowners researching their options for window replacement often choose the double paned variety because they do a great job of reducing drafts and bringing down home heating bills while also keeping initial purchase costs relatively low. It is no small wonder that they are the most popular replacement window choice today.

In these particular windows, dual windowpanes of glass making up the unit are held apart from one another by a spacer. The spacer goes all the way around the perimeter of the glass on the inside. It can be made of aluminum, or one of several different types of steel, from stainless to coated or galvanized. This spacer also includes an absorbent substance called a desiccant, which prevents moisture from getting in between the panes and fogging up the window. In older windows where moisture does get in, the desiccant has failed or stopped working for whatever reason.

Double Glazed Windows Insulation

Windows with two or more panes are also called insulated glass (IG) windows. The term insulated glass simply refers to the insulating property of the air in between the panes. This air actually helps dual pane windows to cut in half the amount of heat loss suffered by single paned windows. Adding argon gas between the panes in place of air helps this performance even more. And the more expensive krypton does an even better job than argon. As long as the seals are intact, these windows can do a great job of keeping warm air in the house in the winter and outside in the summer.

In theory, opting for a double paned window should bring you huge energy savings over similar single paned windows. But all of this is only true if those seals remain intact. If the window was manufactured by a quality company under the highest of standards, you will very likely see improvement in the temperature and comfort level of your home as well as a decrease in your home heating bill. But if your choice of manufacturer is based on which one has the lowest price alone, you're quite likely to run into problems with issues such as this.

If the seal goes bad on one of these windows, the whole unit will have to be replaced. And if one goes, you have to keep a close eye on all of the other windows you have had installed at your home. So it goes without saying that it is often worth it to spend a little bit of extra money to place your order with a well known company you can trust.

Avoid problems and locate a quality window replacement company. Work with someone you can trust and rest easy knowing the windows will be made right and installed right. Double paned glass window replacement is supposed to work to eliminate worries, not create new ones.

A double pane window replacement is the best way to increase your home's energy efficiency. Whether you live in the cold climates of Alaska or the warm humid zones of Florida, you can find a double paned replacement that will fit your needs when you shop online for the top providers in your area. Be sure to ask for Energy Star products when you shop for maximum efficiency and possible qualifications for tax rebates. No matter whether you have one double pane window replacement to do or several, you will save money when you shop online.

Double paned windows have long been the best design to use when you want maximum energy efficiency. The panes have a layer of air or even gas between them, which allows for maximum insulation. These windows come in many different styles and sizes, and are easy to replace with a few tools. If your home currently has single pane windows, you will notice an immediate difference in the temperature of the home when you replace them with a double paned design.

Energy Savings

Specialty window replacement jobs like door and window replacement or a double replacement pane will not only save you money on your home's heating and air conditioning bills, but may also qualify you for a tax rebate at tax time. The Energy Star program is a program that the government put into effect allowing homeowners to earn tax rebates when they use energy efficient material for their home improvement projects. This program allows excellent rebates when the Energy Star approved products are used.

A replacement can earn the Energy Star label when it meets the EPA standards for energy efficiency. Each area of the country has specific standards that are based on the climate and area. If a pane has the Energy Star label on it, it has been determined to be extremely energy efficient. Be sure to save the receipts for your double pane window replacement and give them to your tax professional.

Double glazed windows are sure to create energy savings, and further create a money saving opportunity for you when you consider the relatively inexpensive cost of replacing vinyl replacement windows. To harness the power of saving money, look for energy efficiency on labels when making any window replacements on your home.

How Double Glazed Windows Work

Low emissivity glass, or Lo E glass, has an ultra-thin layer of metal or metallic oxide glazed on it. The glazed pane bounces heat back into your home, or back outside. In a climate that experiences cold winters and hot summers, it would be necessary to have what is called double glazed windows. It means the glazed panes keep heat inside during the winter, and outside during the summer.

Double glazed windows have special manufacturing considerations too, just like double paned glass. For both, the quality of the manufacturing helps determine how long the glazed glass will repel heat/cold into/away from your home or office. And, quality of the glazed panes determines how long you can save money from its benefits. Contacting a qualified window dealer and installer can help you find the best double glazed windows for your money.

To earn an Energy Star rating, products must meet strict criteria determined by the U.S. Department of Energy. The labels refer to Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Factor, which measures rate of heat transfer. Values range from 0.25 to 1.25 and are measured in Btu/h�ft���F, with a low values demonstrating the better the window insulates. The SHGC measures solar energy transmitted, or how well windows block heat from sunlight. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 1, normally ranging from 0.25 to 0.80. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the window transmits.

The ratings will generally show a map of the U.S., and highlight the appropriateness of a product for your region, or climate. When searching for the right double glazed windows for your home or office, consider also the three additional characteristics rated for windows, by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Those are Visible Transmittance (amount of light that passes through the window), Air Leakage (how much air is seeping inside via your window's joints) and Condensation Resistance (the window's ability to resist water buildup.)

An additional consideration when shopping for double glazed windows is the framing material. There is wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and composite material, to name the basics. Vinyl is extremely low maintenance, and it does not conduct heat or cold, so you do not lose any insulation to the material. It is also easy to maintain, does not scratch.

Aluminum is a fantastic conductor of heat and cold, and will actually cause you to lose precious heat from your home, if it is poorly manufactured, installed or worn out. The material is otherwise fairly easy to maintain, and a good value for your money. Wood requires some maintenance, with painting and staining, but is also a great material, especially for custom-made windows. Fiberglass is light weight, resilient even in harsh climates and very strong.

Double glazed windows can save you money in the long run. It is worth it to look into finding a window dealer and installer who can help you make the best decision about double glazed for your home or office and regional climate.

Replacement Window Glass Advantages

There are several types of glass to choose from when doing a window project. The clear window is the traditional choice but you may want to consider the glazed option to control the amount of condensation as well as the heat loss. The low-emissivity or Low E glass possesses a special coating that reduces the amount of heat that moves through the double pane window replacement. The Low E styles do not affect the light that comes through the windowpane, only the heat.

Another type of window pane is the heat absorbing style. This one comes with a special tint that absorbs the solar energy. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider this style as some of the heat will filter into the room. You can also choose reflective windowpanes that have a reflective film. These styles do reduce the amount of light that passes through the pane, so if you want maximum natural light, this may not be the best choice for your needs.

Replacing a Double Paned Window

Before you decide to do a double paned replacement, you may want to shop online and find how to advice. There are many sources that can provide you with step by step instructions and videos that are easy to follow. If you plan to hire a contractor to do the work, you will still want to purchase your double pane window replacement from an online vendor for maximum savings. You can purchase the unit, have it shipped directly to your home, and then have a contractor do the replacement.

When shopping for a double pane window replacement contractor, be sure to get quotes from several licensed and insured companies. Request references and ask about their warranties. A good contractor should provide you with a warranty of the work that they do. If you are enlarging a window, be sure the contractor pulls the appropriate building permits before they begin the project. Anytime you enlarge an opening on an exterior wall of a home, it is imperative that you pull the permits before proceeding.

A double pane window replacement is a project that will save you money by decreasing your heating and cooling costs. If you purchase Energy Star approved products, it also may qualify you for an excellent tax rebate at tax time. Always get quotes from several providers when shopping for a double pane window replacement. Ask about available warranties and internet specials that might be available. Be sure that if you use a contractor to do the work, that you are working with a licensed and insured company who will provide a work guarantee. No matter whether you are replacing single pane designs with a double pane window replacement, or are just replacing the broken glass in an old window, you can find excellent prices for what you need online.

Double Glazing Equals Double Savings

Sometimes when your old windows have become drafty, rotted, gaping, and just plain old, it might be time to consider vinyl replacement double glazed windows. They require no painting, staining and can last a generation, at least, before needing to be replaced. Newer windows afford consumers better technology to passively increase energy efficiency, therefore financial savings. It is worth the time to research your options so that you can truly appreciate the best professional for your job.

For one, you will be afforded the choice to shop for quotes to find the best cost for replacing your single with double glazing windows. In addition, double glazing windows naturally keep out more ambient sound, to make your home or office inherently more comfortable at least to your ears. It also makes it harder for a thief to break in, therefore making it naturally theft deterrent of sorts.

Double glazing windows also afford consumers a chance to decide how they want to see the world. This is called Visible Transmittance, and is how much light the double glazing windows will allow through the panes into your home or office. This is important depending on what side your home faces. For condo owners who only receive eastern light, they might prefer more light to be allowed inside their walls, for instance. Whereas, there are people who would love to lighten up the amount of light they see pass through into their abodes.

Double glazing can also be bought with a coating that is called low-emissivity, or low-e glass. This works with the consumer's particular climate zone to keep heat in or out. Low-e glass is created by a coating of microscopically portioned metals. It can work on either one side or both side of the panes, depending on the needs of the home owner or business owner. The complicated part of this is that there are now four glass surfaces to take into consideration. If they are one side or another that creates discomfort for you the consumer, that is something to avoid.

Considerations When Shopping for Double Glazed Windows

Do consider that while there are low-e coatings, and twin panes of glass, this does not mean it is the best idea for your home or office, depending on if you are already in a heated situation, or especially warm climate. In those cases, where too much heat might be trapped inside, it could cause twenty years of suffering through year round sweltering temperatures that were created by a misinformed or bad choice.

The ideal is to instead maximize the savings from twin panes, especially in climates where there is much cold weather. Although, it is also important for these consumers to recognize the characteristics that create an equally pleasant degree of heat blockage and deflection from the inside during potentially sweltering summer heat. It is best to consider the recommendation of an expert and professional dealer and installer who can present you with the best options for your situation.

Double glazing windows can help consumers save themselves money. This is from break ins by thieves, passively maximize noise reduction and finally create a warm, toasty environment from the twin panes of glazing. When vinyl is used it creates an even better chance that the panes will last many years with almost no maintenance. The brightest, best and newest features, glazings and treatments may not be what you need, depending on where your home or office is located. Keep these factors in mind when choosing twin panes for your home or office.

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