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What Is A Double Hung Window?

A double hung window is a style of window with upper and lower sashes that slide past one another in a single casement. Each of the sashes can be opened up to let air in through the top or the bottom of the window, in contrast to other types of windows such as casement windows. In most cases the lower sash sits in front of the upper looking at it from the interior of the home. Each sash of a double hung window may be made of solid glass or may have built in muntins; or could have a removable grid to give the illusion of separate lights on a solid pane.

The way these windows are designed essentially creates two separate tracks for the sashes to slide up and down on. They frequently have a full screen; so that however they are open, the inside of the home is protected from bugs and other potential invaders. But others have a half screen that's movable according to the needs of the moment.

Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are widely used both in construction and remodeling. One reason they are so popular certainly is the way they make half of their total square footage available for ventilation as needed. They are also prized for their versatility. In many homes today, all of the windows throughout the house are double hung windows. They perform just as well in bathrooms as they do in walkout basements.

Double hung windows are easy to clean as well. The tilt in variety can be cleaned completely from the inside of the home, with even the screens removable from inside, eliminating the need for ladder work on second story windows. They are well insulated, stylish, and energy efficient. It is no wonder that double hung windows are so popular.