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Double Hung Window Replacement

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Double hung window replacement is an excellent way to make your home greener while also giving it a more pleasing look on the inside and out. High quality double hung windows in vinyl, fiberglass, and other choice materials combine durability with beauty. Homeowners who decide to make the investment in this type of home improvement work will never regret it as long as they take the time to investigate their options and choose a quality product at a fair price. It is important when replacing windows to take all of these things into consideration. The best replacement windows for anyone are the ones that deliver the best performance for the money. It is good to buy the best quality window you can afford since this is such a long term investment. Double hung window replacement does wonders for a home's resale value and its simple ability to sell on the open market.

Double Hung Windows Explained

By definition, a double hung window is simply one that is made up of two movable panels or sashes that move up and down. Both sashes can be moved at once, meaning the window can be open at the top and the bottom at the same time. For this reason, double hung window replacement units normally have full screens on the outside. For convenience in cleaning and for security purposes, the screens in new units almost exclusively open from the inside. The same is true of the sashes themselves, which can be tilted in to clean both sides of the panes from the inside of the house without much trouble. The convenience of cleaning these models is one of their most popular features, especially in second and third story areas where a tall extension ladder would otherwise be required just to reach.

Like all home replacement windows, double hung window replacement typically enhances a home's value in multiple ways, not the least of which is this great ability to remove the sashes for easy cleaning and maintenance. But this is far from the only great benefit, and there are many other wonderful advantages to double hung window replacement. Folks who are thinking along this route but who are also counting the financial cost should take a closer look at these benefits compared to others like awning window replacement because over time they can truly help defray some of the initial financial impact of the purchase.

Advantages of Vinyl Window Replacement

One of the bigger and more tangible benefits to buyers of double hung windows is the energy savings. This saves money in a few different but related ways. One way is quite simple: without drafts, high performing units make homes feel warmer even at lower temperatures, enabling homeowners to turn down their thermostats to save money. And in a closely related way, without drafts and heat loss furnaces and air conditioners do not have to work nearly as hard to keep a home at a given temperature. So they run less often and when they do run, they can shut off faster. Again, the result is more energy savings, which of course leads to lower heating and cooling bills for your family.

This energy savings brings with it at least one more additional related monetary benefit. These days, many double hung window replacement models are Energy Star certified, meaning according to standard tests they are high performers and work at very high levels of efficiency. This efficiency can lead to government tax breaks. A tax credit deducted from the cost of the job can really make a difference on whether you can afford to get double hung windows done at your home.

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Double hung window replacement is, of course, a substantial expenditure of money no matter what manufacturer you use and regardless of whether you qualify for tax incentives as a result of your purchase. No matter how we try to market it, a whole house full of double hung windows is going to cost some money. With this being said, there are definitely strategies we can take to try to save money on replacement window installation at our home.

Look online to locate companies in your area that best represent the quality you are seeking and the prices you need in order to be able to do the job. In most regions of the country, there are plenty of businesses that do this sort of work, so there is a strong likelihood of success. Double hung window replacement does not have to cost more than your house is worth. Keep the cost under control and get the products you want by shopping online and demanding fair value for your dollar. Window replacement is expensive, but your double hung window replacement should not bury you financially. Be smart and do your homework.

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