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Double Hung Replacement Window

Last updated on 01/04/2022

A double hung replacement window is a very great investment to make if you are planning on selling your home in the near future. Double hung windows are a very practical investment to make whether you are selling your home or plan to live their for years to come. If you are looking to increase the resale value of your property before you sell it you should consider replacing the double hung window fixtures in your house. Real estate agents and house appraiser often suggest this smart home improvement project because it is such a cost effective investment. New double hung replacement window fixtures can increase the curb appeal on the outside and the style on the inside of your residence at a very minimal cost. Replacing your window casements with low cost window replacements is also great because they can make your home more energy efficient.

The Best Material For You

Replacement window casements come in a variety of materials and styles. No matter what your style and budget is, there will be a great window option that fits perfectly into your house. Wooden frames go great in double hung windows because it has an imitable feel and organic style that seems to work naturally in residential window replacement. And since most homes are wooden structures, it seems to fit naturally into the frame of the house. Wood can be painted or stained to almost any color to coordinate with the existing decor of your interior. Some people prefer to simply staining wood with a clear coat in order to accentuate it's natural knots and grains. Wood can be milled and routed to make very attractive, custom edges. It is possible to design your double hung replacement window frames to match with the existing flooring, molding, paint, cabinets, or furniture in your house.

But wood is also limiting in its construction qualities. It is not the strongest product, so it is not ideal for large double hung windows. And since it is so heavy it can be troublesome for hanging sashes to stay open under their own weight in larger casements. Also, wood can be problematic in double hung construction because it expands and contracts with changes in the temperature and moisture content of the air. This can make it especially hard for sliding wooden window replacement to open and close if they become swollen or warped.

Aluminum is another good material for double hung replacement window construction because it is strong and lightweight. It is very easy to install and it is affordable because it is mass-produced very easily. It is very strong and rigid so it is ideal for the construction large frames. But, aluminum is frequently being replaced by vinyl for a number of reasons. First, vinyl is lighter and cheaper but it is also stronger and easier to maintain. You do not need to worry about vinyl windows rusting. Also many people prefer the aesthetic qualities of vinyl because it is available in a wider range of colors and textures.

Why To Choose Vinyl

Vinyl is increasingly becoming the material of choice for double hung replacement window because it is the most practical option. It is the most affordable of the three options. But, at the same time, it is the strongest and most durable replacement product available. And, it can maintain its strength and beauty throughout the years with very little maintenance. Most people keep their vinyl double hung replacement windows clean by simply wiping them clean with a wet rag or inexpensive household cleaners. It is even possible to spray down your windows on the exterior with a hose or pressure washer to keep them looking new and clean from the outside. Over the years you will be able to save a good amount of time and money through the simple maintenance of vinyl double hung replacement window fixtures.

Vinyl double hung replacement window frames are non-porous so they are naturally waterproof and extremely weather resistant. They never have to be painted or stained since the entire mass of vinyl is the color that you order. Vinyl can withstand even the harshest treatment and roughest weather. Vinyl double hung replacement window frames can be slammed by children, pelted by hail, and hit by falling tree limbs without showing signs of wear.

No matter what material you choose for your double hung replacement window frames you will be happy that you made the investment. They can instantly increase the curb appeal of your home and increase the comfort and ease of using your windows. The sooner you invest, they sooner you will be able to more fully enjoy your fully functional replacement fixtures. They will truly beautify your home and make it stand out from your neighbors.

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