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DIY Window Replacement

A DIY window replacement is the best way to save money on the installation of a replacement window. By doing it yourself, you can save thousands on contractor costs especially if you have many to replace. You can shop online today for low cost options for a DIY window replacement. You may also find several tips on how to DIY for a wide variety of replacement window types. From casements to picture styles, a DIY window replacement is the perfect way to increase your home's energy efficiency and save money on your heating and cooling bills in the process.

Energy Star

When you are looking for a DIY window replacement, you will want to be sure to choose one that is energy efficient, and preferably has the Energy Star approval. The Energy Star program provides tax incentives to homeowners who use energy efficient material for their home improvement projects. Products that have the Energy Star approval have been proven to be extremely efficient and so are the best products to use.

You can choose from a variety of products that are available with the Energy Star approval. One of the most popular is the vinyl window. Vinyl is a popular choice because it will not rust, rot, chip, or peel. It comes with excellent warranties and can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors. If you are looking for a DIY window replacement that will last for years and requires virtually no maintenance, vinyl is an ideal choice.

No matter whether you choose wood, aluminum, or vinyl for your DIY window replacement, be sure to ask the providers for prices on their Energy Star products. Save the receipts for your DIY window replacement and give them to your tax professional. You may find that you qualify for excellent tax rebates at tax time.

DIY Home Replacement Windows

Home replacement windows come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, from bay window replacement to double hung windows. If you like the current look of your home, choose replacements that match the ones you have today. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a completely different design, you will update the look of the home. This is an excellent idea if you are planning to put the home on the market and would like to increase the value.

Before you decide to change the style of the windows, you may want to consult with a home improvement contractor. If you are changing from a picture window to several casement windows for instance, the structure of the house is being changed and the replacements will require a building permit to be pulled before beginning the construction.

A DIY window replacement is easy to install by yourself. If you are concerned about doing the replacement, have a contractor do the first one with you and show you how easy it is to DIY. That way, you will be sure to learn the correct method of replacing the windows you have, and will be sure to do it right the first time.

DIY Replacement Kits

If you plan to replace the windows in your home yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a kit. These kits come in many styles and colors and are easy to install. There are three basic types of kits to choose from, sash, full frame, and inserts. No matter which one you choose, you can easily do several replacements in a weekend.

A DIY sash kit will give your old windows new moving parts, while a full frame style is a complete unit equipped with the frame. These are excellent for windows whose frames are rotted or damaged. To install a full frame style, you will need to remove the old unit down to the rough opening of the window.

An DIY insert kit is one that will be installed inside the existing frame. These windows are also a full unit, but it is made to attach to the existing frame. With an insert, you will notice that the glass is smaller because you have essentially put one window inside another. These kits are probably the easiest to install and take very little time.

A DIY window replacement is the perfect way to increase the energy efficiency of your home, gain a tax rebate, and save money on installation costs. There are many types of replacements to choose from when you shop online and compare rates from the top providers of windows in your area. Be sure to have the proper sizes of the old units prior to shopping for new ones. No matter whether you have several or just one to install, you will no doubt start seeing the savings on your energy bill right away.