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Is It Easier To Clean Replacement Windows?

Last updated on 12/02/2023

There are different types of replacement windows. You have the double hung window, the horizontal slider, and the awning window. You also have your choice of double or triple paned glass. Which you choose depends upon your style preference and what you want the windows for. For instance, some promote better ventilation, while others promte better light.

How do You Open Replacement Windows?

You'll notice that there are locks on the windows. Simply unlock the windows, lift them up not quite halfway, and press the buttons on top of the lower frame. These buttons sometimes look like triangles and you will turn them to where they face the center of the window. You then pull the top of the window sill toward you.

You will repeat this process for the upper window so that both windows tilt in toward you. Some may operate differently, but the overall premise is the same. The operation of replacement windows is rather simple.

How do You Clean Replacement Windows?

Once the windows are tilted in, you can use a traditional glass cleaner. Proper cleaning of glass can improve replacement window lifespan.  Because the windows are most likely made of vinyl, you may also want to consider mixing bleach with water or mixing dish liquid with water and scrub each window from the bottom up. Vinegar and water in a spray bottle, while using a sponge.

As for whether or not it is easier to clean replacement windows than traditional windows, the answer is "yes." Because you are able to tilt the windows into the house, you are able to clean both sides while standing in the house. This is opposed to only being able to clean the insides of the windows or having to climb a ladder on the outside in order to reach the outside surfaces of your windows.

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