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Clarksville Window Replacement

Clarksville window replacement can provide some significant advantages for those living in this area of central TX, which may be a surprise to some people. After all, when most people think of installing replacement window frames in their homes in the United States, they're thinking about cold climates that typically receive the greatest benefit from these types of products. After all, most of the marketing behind replacement materials emphasize the ability of these types of glass to make sure that your home repels cold drafts during the winter time, maintaining a warm feeling.

However, if you live the Lone Star State, you know that there aren't a whole lot of days in the year that require you to run your furnace, let alone feel icy winds penetrating a poorly insulated window in your home. So, the marketing materials that try to showcase the ability of Clarksville window replacement frames to keep your home warmer in the winter just aren't received with a lot of enthusiasm in the Clarksville area. Still, this type of project is well worth considering here, because you'll also find the benefits of Austin replacement frames keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Working With Low-e Window Coatings

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your Clarksville window replacement products in the summer time, the key is to make sure that the cool air your air conditioner is producing doesn't leak through the glass to the outside world. You can achieve this pretty efficiently through the use of two panes of glass in each of the replacement products. There aren't any types of old window options that only contain one piece of glass that are going to be able to match the energy efficiency of a new replacement double pane window product, so the choice is obvious.

Another option that can help you keep your home cooler in the summer is through the use of low-e coatings on your Clarksville window replacement products. These types of coatings are basically invisible to the human eye, meaning they won't hinder the look of the outside world that you have through your glass, which is important. These low-e coatings are usually some sort of metallic oxide layer, and the layers provide the ability to block rays that are found in sunlight that can cause the home to heat up quickly or that can cause fading of walls and furniture.

Even though the the coatings on your Clarksville window replacement products are so thin that it requires a microscope to see the layers, the Texas window manufacturer of the glass in the replacement frames can adjust the thickness measurements, which will result in better overall performance. Not surprisingly, making use of a thicker coating will block more of the rays that aren't desirable, which makes those Clarksville window replacement frames cost a bit more than glass with less thickness in coatings. A thicker coating is also going to block a bit more visible light than a thinner coating.

Choosing the Right TX Options

When choosing the coating thickness that you want to use with your Clarksville window replacement products, you'll want to pay attention to a few different measurements. One of the key components to pay close attention to when shopping around is the SHGC, or solar heat gain coefficient. This is a measurement that's used to show just how much of the solar heat, in the form of infrared rays, passes through the glass in the window. It's a number between zero and one, and a number closer to one shows that the glass doesn't block as many of the infrared rays.

With Clarksville window replacement, you'll also want to pay attention to the VT measurement, which is the amount of visible light that's transmitted through the glass. Again, this is a number between zero and one, and the number closer to one means that more light is passed through the glass. So, an SHGC of 0.75 and a VT of 0.80 would mean a lot of infrared rays and light pass through the glass. An SHGC of 0.30 and a VT of 0.70 would mean that many of the infrared rays are blocked by the coating, but much of the visible light will pass through the glass.

Because Clarksville is a historically significant district of Austin, you're sure to find quite a few manufacturers of Clarksville window replacement frames who are willing to serve the Clarksville neighborhood. A large chunk of Clarksville was named as a historic district by the Texas Historical Commission in 1975. Interestingly enough, a former state governor owned the area that is today the Clarksville neighborhood, dating back to the 1870s. This area was the founding location for the Whole Foods grocery chain, which was called the Clarksville Natural Grocery in 1979.