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Century City Window Replacement In Los Angeles, California

Last updated on 11/15/2019

Century City window replacement with dual pane glass is the most effective innovation in window technology to date. Glass by itself is a poor insulator. Anyone who has ever sat near windows on a sunny Century City, CA day can attest to this. Historically, Century City window replacement has been a source of angst for owners because they make heating and cooling a home much more difficult and expensive.

Many methods have been employed over the years to better insulate California homes. They range from better wall insulation and insulated construction equipment to insulated coverings on windows. Taking this theory one step further, Century City window replacement developers invented a new type of style called "dual pane" that can be up to 80% more effective as an insulator than their single pane counterparts.

How it Works

Century City window replacement dual pane technology consists of 2 panes of glass sealed with a separator in between. This separator is usually made of metal and built into the frame. What then exists in the middle of the glass panes is an area of dead air. This area acts as a buffer between the Los Angles window panes of glass and prevents the temperature outside the window from affecting the temperature inside. This helps to ensure that the temperature of your Century City home remains at a more constant level. This in turns keeps heating and cooling bills at a more constant level as well!

Protect Your Home from Harmful Rays

Another benefit of dual pane Century City window replacement is additional protection from the sun's harmful rays. Most people think that being indoors keeps you safe from UV rays that damage the skin. While staying out of direct sunlight keeps you from being exposed to UVB rays which have been linked with skin cancer, the sun emits UVA rays as well.

In the Century City and greater Los Angeles, CA areas, UVA rays have been known to cause skin damage including wrinkles and premature aging. Because of the buffer space between the two panes and the double thickness of the replacement windows themselves, dual pane windows can block up to 40% more UVA rays than their single pane counterparts. In addition, double pane replacement windows allow for other technologies to be used that offer more protection.

The very nature of dual pane Century City window replacement enables California window manufacturers to enhance their UV protecting abilities more than they ever could with a single pane replacement. The technology of two panes with the gap in between not only acts as a buffer against the elements in Century City, but allows room for the installation of additional protection without compromising the integrity of the window.

For example, window tinting has been available for Century City home windows for years. The drawback of this for single pane replacement windows is that the exposure of the tinting to things such as cleaning products and Century City weather acted as corrosive substances that would eventually break down the tinting. This break down would leave a messy residue behind, making your replacement windows look very unappealing, while basically leaving you right back where you were in regard to protection before you added the tinting.

Dual pane Century City window replacement panes have the extra area between them. This enables replacement window manufacturers to add tinting to the inside of the panes before sealing them off, thus keeping the tint completely protected for the life of the seal. In addition to tinting, other filming has been invented that has the same UV protecting effect as window tint, but allows more natural light to enter your home. These films can increase your protection from harmful UVA rays up to 95%.

Noise Reduction

Another key benefit that dual pane windows have over their single pane predecessors is in their ability to reduce the amount of outside noise that they allow into your home (and vice versa). The same insulating effect offered by the Century City window replacement dual panes that helps keep your electricity bills down also assists in keeping your home environment free from outside disturbance. In close quarters, it can also have the opposite effect of keeping noise in so as not to disrupt the peace and quiet of your neighborhood.

The gap between the panes acts as a noise barrier while the two panes of glass provide further insulation. Acting in tandem, they trap outside noise from roadways, highways, industry, etc. in the dead air space allowing much of it to dissipate before penetrating the second pane of glass. In the same way, interior noise is greatly diminished before it gets outside which allows you to play your stereo as loud as you want without disturbing anyone. Dual pane Century City window replacement equals happy owners and happy neighbors!

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