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Casement Window Replacement

Casement window replacement upgrades your existing windows and replaces them with brand new quality units with perfect seals and beautiful sashes. Casement windows are different from double hung models in the way they open and close. They open like doors, hinging on the outside edge. The non hinged side of a casement locks into place with a latch and they are opened with a crank like awning windows. Getting a casement window replacement job done on your house can immediately enhance its value while also making it more attractive and potentially easier to sell when the time comes. It is always good to keep up with a home both in terms of its appearance and function as a homeowner. This type of work is just another example of the importance of maintenance and the many different ways it can help you as a homeowner.

Benefits of Home Casement Windows

Replacement windows cost a lot of money when you opt to do the entire house especially. It is a very significant expenditure to opt for this type of purchase. For this reason, buyers have to be sure that they are doing the right thing. And they need to know that they can get a good deal as well. The advantages of a product as well as any potential drawbacks should be considered. In the end, an informed decision can be made if the buyer understands the product and knows what is at stake in making choice of whether or not to buy.

In the case of the purchase of casement window replacement for your home, the advantages in most cases are markedly obvious. An old window will usually not perform as well as a new one. It may be drafty, it might leak, and it could be cold and uncomfortable to sit next to. Upgrading to new casement style windows eliminates those issues. The compression seals of a new unit keep out the outside air. These units help the room stay comfortable, and with double glazing the surface of the units are warmer to the touch and more comfortable to sit next to. So if you are someone who likes to be in front of the window and look outside, you can do so without feeling like you are going to freeze. Heat loss is minimal in these windows as a result of their energy efficiency. And of course, there is always the advantage of the great tax credit that the best replacement windows offer for buyers.

Disadvantages of Casement Window Replacement

Of course, casement window replacement is not without its potential drawbacks. As with any home improvement purchase, all of the ramifications of the expenditure have to be considered in equal accordance. The cost of the job is one thing, but the way this window style opens, compared to types such as double hung windows, is another. Opening to the outside is fine in terms of space savings inside the home. But the top edges of the casement window are exposed to rain and the elements when they are opened, potentially affecting the durability of the unit. And the screen is on the outside since the sashes open outward. This is not always an issue, but it can be for folks who have young children or pets that jump up on sills or scratch on the surfaces to communicate their desire to get outside or out of boredom.

These and a few other minor potential issues need to be thoughtfully considered before a homeowner decides to opt for casement window replacement. Any replacement job is going to provide an upgrade from the old, but if you can match up the characteristics of the room and the needs of the family with the right unit, you'll be much happier. Slider or double hung windows may be more appropriate in certain situations. But casement window replacement is a great option in a lot of different replacement circumstances, particularly when the old window was the same style and its only issue is functional (broken glass, bad seal, ineffective crank, etc.).

Find a Local Window Company

Replacing windows is a tough chore. Casement window replacement is no exception. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about the price of a job or the process involved in measuring or ordering materials or even the installation itself, the best thing to do is to get with a local company that does casement replacement. Interestingly enough, not every company out there wants to deal with replacement jobs involving this particular style. It is by no means the most popular model and for this reason some installers focus on other types like double hung models that come up more often. But a talented and versatile installer should be able to handle working with casement window replacement and do a great job.