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Casement Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/30/2022

A casement window is a hinged window that opens and closes like a book and can swing either in or out depending on the model. A casement window consists of a basic frame, hinges, and a crank that allows you to open and shut the window. There are multiple styles of casement windows but all operate in essentially the same way.

A typical casement window can either be hinged on the left or right side and opens to the outside. A French style casement has two separate panes and is hinged on both sides, opening in the center. Awning style casements are hinged on the top rather than at the side and open out from the bottom. Casement style windows were once much more popular than they are today, although they are still extremely useful.

Drawing of a window

Advantages of Casement Style Windows

Although the casement style is no longer as popular as it once was, there are still many great advantages to this window style such as the way it handles drafts. It is versatile enough to be appropriate for use in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other areas of the home. It is very affordable and buyers can get great values for their dollar when they select this style of window. And although there are in swinging styles available, the models that swing outward are much more popular, because they help conserve inside space and do not require clearance around the panes for their operation.

Casement style windows can be installed individually or in groups. They are great for use above cabinets or countertops, or areas where sliders would be hard to open and shut because the crank is easy to operate with an extension handle. This style of window is great in the awning configuration because it can be opened in the rain.

Casement replacement windows are a great way to upgrade your home. Window replacements for residential homes can be installed quite affordably and they are very durable. Many homeowners who plan on selling their house in the near future invest in replacement windows in order to make their property more valuable. But if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future than you still might want to invest in replacement fixtures in order to make it more functional, comfortable, and energy efficient. There are many different styles, colors, textures, and materials that can be used in the construction of casement frames. But, if you do a little you research you will be able to find an option that will perfectly fit your style and your budget.

Explaining How They Work

Casement replacement windows are very functional and fashionable fixtures. They are normally single hinged and swing open to the exterior. There are double window casements that latch together when closed. There are other variations of casement windows, but the main differences are in the opening mechanism. Some merely swing from the hinge and close upon contact with the sill. Others are controlled by a cranking mechanism. Free swinging windows are easier to operate but they may not stay open if the wind is blowing strongly. A cranking device allow you to open and close the window to whatever degree you prefer. These are especially useful in maintaining the right temperature in a room.

Diagram labeling parts of a casement window.

Casement replacement windows give a home a classic style. They are very easy to operate, yet very stylish. Many customers love the fact that they can turn down their air conditioner and fans during warm summer days because their casement replacement windows are so easy to operate, making it easier than ever to cool down their house without wasting electricity. They can truly make your home more energy efficient if you invest wisely.

Choosing The Best Material

There are several different materials used in the construction of casement replacement windows. Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are the most common of the options. Each has its own drawbacks and various advantages. Wood is a popular choice for classically styled casement replacement windows because of its traditional beauty and organic feel. It is a heavy material but it is easy to work with. It can be painted, stained, and texturized to almost any end. The freedom of design that wood will allow you will be hard to match. Many people prefer wooden replacement casement fixtures because they match with the wooden structure of their house. Of course, this makes sense to a certain level but there are many drawbacks to using wood in replacement window construction.

Wood is not ideal for casement replacement windows for a number of reasons. First, since it is so heavy it puts a strain on hinges and glass panes. This makes it especially difficult on large casement windows. Wood is also susceptible to water damage. If it is not constantly treated, repainted, stained, and sealed it will deteriorate very quickly. Also, wood grains expand and contract as the weather and moisture content in the air change. This can also cause bowing and warping that could cause a hinged casement frame to not close. It can basically become so warped that it will not fit. This is why it takes much maintenance and watchfulness to make wood windows last a long time. For these reasons many homeowners choose to use vinyl casement windows.

Vinyl is a great material to use in casement replacement windows. It is extremely affordable and relatively light. But it is very strong and durable. It is hard than wood and will last much longer with far less maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a wet rag or cheap household cleaners. Since it is non-porous it can withstand harsh rains and can even be washed down by a hose or pressure washer. You will never have to paint a vinyl window and you will never need expensive cleaning supplies or chemicals to preserve it. Vinyl is really a state of the art material that offers unmatched value, strength, and durability.

A casement replacement window is a great home improvement or DIY window replacement project to invest in if you are looking to sell your home. It is a very cost effective remodel project because it has the dual benefits of upgrading the interior and exterior of a home at the same time. This is why many real estate agents and home appraisers suggest that you make this investment before putting your house on the market. But casement replacement window fixtures are also a great way to make your home more functional and comfortable. Whether you are selling your property or plan on living there for years to come, you will enjoy the benefits of replacement casement windows.

Casement replacement window fixtures come in a variety of sizes and styles. A casement window usually has a frame on a hinge that swings opens to the exterior. They are also commonly made as double windows with frames that open and latch together when closed. Casements have been used in home construction for centuries. They can be produced in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They were originally made out of wood, but they are now available in vinyl and aluminum. They can add a very classical and traditional style to your home.

But casement replacement window frames are not only very aesthetically pleasing; they are also very functional and easy to use. They can be opened to certain degrees to allow breezes to cool down your house. This can help reduce your reliance on air conditioners and electric fans. A casement replacement window is particularly ideal for temperate days when it is not too hot or cold. Cranking replacement window casements are great if you live in an area that is especially windy. They can be propped open to whatever degree you choose without being blown closed by the wind. These replacement cranking mechanisms are extremely durable and easy to operate.

Choosing The Right Replacement Material

There are many different materials that can be used in the construction of casement replacement window frames. Wood is a traditional choice that many people love for its natural style and organic feel. Wood is a good material for window fixtures because it can be painted and stained to be any color. And since most homes are wooden structures, it seems to fit naturally into window frames. You can purchase a wooden casement that will match and coordinate with the existing molding, paint color, furniture, cabinets, and flooring in your house. When it comes to style, it is hard to find a material as aesthetically pleasing as wood.

But, there are many drawbacks to using wood in a casement replacement window. First, wood is extremely susceptible to water damage. If it is not protected from moisture, wood will quickly deteriorate. Protecting replacement wooden frames require expensive treatment chemicals and can be time consuming. It must be constantly repainted and stained to maintain its structural qualities and look. It is also not ideal for replacement window construction because it expands and contracts as the temperature and moisture content of the air fluctuate. Cranking casement windows can be difficult to operate if they are swollen.

Casement replacement window fixtures are now commonly produced in vinyl. This material is very ideal for casement window construction. It is very light yet extremely durable. It will last for years without much maintenance. Most people simply clean their casement windows with a wet rag or inexpensive household cleaners. Many homeowners even clean their windows on the exterior by simply spraying them down with a hose or pressure washer. Over the years, the time and money that you will save through the convenient maintenance of vinyl will be quite substantial. Many people prefer this material instead of wood because it is so much easier and cheaper to maintain.

Vinyl is also a great choice because it is available in many different colors, styles, and textures. Advancements in the technology in the past years have made vinyl available in many different options. There is much freedom in design if you choose this great material because it is not only functional, it can also be beautiful.

Improving Energy Efficiency

A vinyl casement replacement window is also great for residential usage because it can make your home more energy efficient. Vinyl does not transfer heat as quickly as wood and it serves as a great insulator. During the cold winter months the elements will not have such a great influence over the interior temperature of your home. You can greatly reduce your dependence on heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces during these cold months. And during the warm summer months you will not need to rely on air conditioners and fans. During every month of the year you will be able to substantially reduce your monthly utility bills and decrease your impact on the environment.

Benefits of Home Casement Windows

Casement window replacement upgrades your existing windows and replaces them with brand new quality units with perfect seals and beautiful sashes. Casement windows are different from double hung models in the way they open and close. They open like doors, hinging on the outside edge. The non hinged side of a casement locks into place with a latch and they are opened with a crank like awning windows. Getting a casement window replacement job done on your house can immediately enhance its value while also making it more attractive and potentially easier to sell when the time comes. It is always good to keep up with a home both in terms of its appearance and function as a homeowner. This type of work is just another example of the importance of maintenance and the many different ways it can help you as a homeowner.

Replacement windows cost a lot of money when you opt to do the entire house especially. It is a very significant expenditure to opt for this type of purchase. For this reason, buyers have to be sure that they are doing the right thing. And they need to know that they can get a good deal as well. The advantages of a product as well as any potential drawbacks should be considered. In the end, an informed decision can be made if the buyer understands the product and knows what is at stake in making choice of whether or not to buy.

In the case of the purchase of casement window replacement for your home, the advantages in most cases are markedly obvious. An old window will usually not perform as well as a new one. It may be drafty, it might leak, and it could be cold and uncomfortable to sit next to. Upgrading to new casement style windows eliminates those issues. The compression seals of a new unit keep out the outside air. These units help the room stay comfortable, and with double glazing the surface of the units are warmer to the touch and more comfortable to sit next to. So if you are someone who likes to be in front of the window and look outside, you can do so without feeling like you are going to freeze. Heat loss is minimal in these windows as a result of their energy efficiency. And of course, there is always the advantage of the great tax credit that the best replacement windows offer for buyers.

Replacement casement windows are important if you have one break on you all of a sudden, or have an accident that causes you to lose one, whether that is due to weather conditions or vandalism. Either way, you'll want to find a company that can provide you this item at an affordable price, and a contractor to install it on a schedule that will serve your needs. Depending on what type of window you need and what type of building it's on, this might end up being more of a high priority issue. For those buildings that house offices or regular business clients, this might be up to the landlord to have repaired as soon as possible. However, if this is your home that needs replacement casement windows, then you will need to determine what measures will keep you and your family safe until the project can be completed. Make sure you discuss this in detail with the replacement contractor so they are completely aware of what needs to be done.

Types of Casement Windows Installation

For those who wonder what replacement casement windows look like, they are also known as awning windows. Usually, they have two or three hinges on one side, whether that's the top, side or bottom. The way they are hung will also determine the air flow through the room and might be customized according to how the building is set up. There may be other circumstances to consider if you check out how the air flows in between either buildings that are close by or if it's out in the middle of an open space. Talk to a professional so they can explain the various methods to you, as well as the benefits of each one. Once you have this discussion, you can also talk to them about problems that may arise and cause the casement replacement contractor to spend more time on the job. This might end up costing you a little more in terms of labor costs, so you'll need to have this replacement discussion as soon as possible.

When you're talking about replacement casement windows, you'll also need to make sure that the lever or handle for opening them is still in working order. This is usually done by hand so you can control exactly how far the windows are opened, as well as how much air flow you have doing on at any one point. If you're concerned about security, then you may want to install a lock as well to prevent anyone from pulling it open further from the outside. This might be the case if you have a bottom-floor dwelling and are concerned about people being able to break in more easily. If you want to see some pictures of the replacement casement windows, then you can get an idea of how installation methods differ and if any one of them appeals to you more than others. Sometimes, the locks for these replacement casement options can actually be built into the handle of the windows. If you ask the contractor, they can let you know what offers the best security and functionality together.

Combining Expertise and Desired Looks

In terms of pricing for replacement casement windows, you'll want to check around with local distributors. Most of the time, you can just submit your information and then have the various representatives contact you. This makes it more efficient to receive information instead of trying to complete all this research on your own. You may find that they have special advice to share with you based on replacement casement windows that are typically used in that region. Make sure you combine their casement windows replacement expertise and the amount that you want to spend when you're talking about ways to finish this task. This is the part where you will find several frame options and glass types as they are putting together a complete package. If you have special paint requests for the casement frames, then talk to them about different colors and frame materials that might fit into your desired look.

When you settle all of the different decisions, you'll find that your replacement casement windows are going to look great without costing you a bundle. This is why it's better to shop around online because you'll have access to more contractors through that method. Instead of being limited to only the providers whom you already know by name, you might be able to order replacement casement windows for a cheaper price, and then have them installed by a casement windows replacement professional who is already established in your city. Using methods like this can help you stretch your project dollars as far as possible without sacrificing quality or dependability for the end results.

Disadvantages of Casement Window Replacement

Of course, casement window replacement is not without its potential drawbacks. As with any home improvement purchase, all of the ramifications of the expenditure have to be considered in equal accordance. The cost of the job is one thing, but the way this window style opens, compared to types such as double hung windows, is another. Opening to the outside is fine in terms of space savings inside the home. But the top edges of the casement window are exposed to rain and the elements when they are opened, potentially affecting the durability of the unit. And the screen is on the outside since the sashes open outward. This is not always an issue, but it can be for folks who have young children or pets that jump up on sills or scratch on the surfaces to communicate their desire to get outside or out of boredom.

These and a few other minor potential issues need to be thoughtfully considered before a homeowner decides to opt for casement window replacement. Any replacement job is going to provide an upgrade from the old, but if you can match up the characteristics of the room and the needs of the family with the right unit, you'll be much happier. Slider or double hung windows may be more appropriate in certain situations. But casement window replacement is a great option in a lot of different replacement circumstances, particularly when the old window was the same style and its only issue is functional (broken glass, bad seal, ineffective crank, etc.).

Find a Local Window Company

Replacing windows is a tough chore. Casement window replacement is no exception. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about the price of a job or the process involved in measuring or ordering materials or even the installation itself, the best thing to do is to get with a local company that does casement replacement. Interestingly enough, not every company out there wants to deal with replacement jobs involving this particular style. It is by no means the most popular model and for this reason some installers focus on other types like double hung models that come up more often. But a talented and versatile installer should be able to handle working with casement window replacement and do a great job.

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