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Basement Window Replacement

A basement window replacement will keep your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Shop online and compare replacement prices from a wide range of basement window replacement providers. You can save hundreds of dollars when you shop online. If you need windows in your basement, now is a great time to buy. You can even qualify for tax credits if you purchase energy efficient material to do the replacement with.

Replacing Basement Windows

Before you purchase your new basement window replacement, you will first need to measure the old one to order the proper size. Measure both the length and the width in three locations. For the width, measure at the top, bottom, and in the middle. For the length, measure at both sides and in the middle. Record the smallest measurements.

You can order your new replacement window online and have it shipped to your home. Once it arrives, you can determine if you would like to replace the unit yourself, or if you would like to hire a professional contractor to do it for you. A professional contractor can remove and dispose of the old vinyl or wooden window replacement and put in the new one. Their work is generally guaranteed. If you prefer to use a contractor, use one that is licensed and insured in your area.

If you would like to do the replacements yourself, the first step is to remove the old stops. If you do this carefully, you can reuse them later. Clean any debris such as old paint or calking around the frame. Dry fit the new one to ensure it will fit properly. If it does, set it aside and place the new molding inside. Calk the molding and put in the new basement unit. Use shims to level it if needed and cut them off flush against the frame using a utility knife. Add screws if necessary depending on the type of material you have chosen. Finish by calking around the perimeter of the entire unit.

Energy Efficient Windows

Before you purchase a basement window replacement, be sure to shop for Energy Star approved products. The Energy Star program is a program that encourages homeowners to purchase energy efficient home improvement material by providing them tax rebates or tax savings. You may qualify for these savings if you use approved products. In order for a product to gain the Energy Star approval, it must meet certain efficiency criteria.

The three items that determine a window's energy efficiency are the U value, the solar heat gain, and the air infiltration. The U value, or U factor measures the amount of heat, in BTU's, that flows through the glass. If a unit has a low U value, it is considered to be well insulated. The solar heat gain is the measurement of the amount of solar energy a window allows through it. Homeowners who live in an area that have a colder climate usually prefer a higher solar heat gain. The air infiltration is the amount of air that seeps around a windows perimeter.

Vinyl Basement Replacement Windows

Most replacement products that you buy today have excellent energy efficiency. One of the most energy efficient ones is the vinyl window. Vinyl is an ideal choice for a basement replacement because of its low maintenance. You will never need to worry about standing water around the house from a heavy rain or snow affecting your vinyl windows. They will not rot or warp like wood, and will not bend like aluminum.

You can purchase a vinyl basement window replacement in many sizes and styles to fit your needs. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors to match the other windows around your home. The paint for a vinyl window is mixed into the vinyl at the factory so they will never fade, chip, or peel unlike some other designs. The frames of a vinyl window are designed much like a storm window. They are hollow and trap air inside to allow for better insulation.

No matter what style of basement window replacement you need, consider using vinyl for your replacements. You will no doubt enjoy the fact that you will never need to worry about painting your vinyl windows. Add to that the fact that they are extremely energy efficient, and you can see why many homeowners are using vinyl for their basement window replacement projects.

A basement window replacement is the ideal way to increase your home's energy efficiency. You can save hundreds of dollars when you shop online for the basement window replacement products you need. Be sure to ask the provider for prices on Energy Star approved products and save your receipts to give to your tax professional.