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Basement Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/30/2022

Basement replacement windows may be necessary for your home if there is something wrong with the ones that are already installed. When it comes time to replace your basement windows, there are many different types to choose from. It is important to consider all of the replacement window options available to you. You can find all of the options is basement replacement windows right here online by searching the various types.

Basements often tend to be very drafty and usually the coldest place in your home whether it is summer or winter. The right type of windows installed the proper way can completely eliminate these pesky drafts. Replacing your windows can be especially useful if you use your basement as more than a storage area. It can also add value to your home which will come in handy when you go to sell your house.

There are also many different styles available in basement replacement windows. It can be quiet the difficult choice considering how permanent this type of installation is. If you choose the right quality of window, they could be in your home for decades. Vinyl is a great choice in materials for basement replacement windows. They are very durable, long-lasting and they save you the time and money of painting, as they already come finished and aesthetically pleasing.

Drawing of a basement window

Replacing Basement Windows

Before you purchase your new basement window replacement, you will first need to measure the old one to order the proper size. Measure both the length and the width in three locations. For the width, measure at the top, bottom, and in the middle. For the length, measure at both sides and in the middle. Record the smallest measurements.

You can order your new replacement window online and have it shipped to your home. Once it arrives, you can determine if you would like to replace the unit yourself, or if you would like to hire a professional contractor to do it for you. A professional contractor can remove and dispose of the old vinyl or wooden window replacement and put in the new one. Their work is generally guaranteed. If you prefer to use a contractor, use one that is licensed and insured in your area.

If you would like to do the replacements yourself, the first step is to remove the old stops. If you do this carefully, you can reuse them later. Clean any debris such as old paint or calking around the frame. Dry fit the new one to ensure it will fit properly. If it does, set it aside and place the new molding inside. Calk the molding and put in the new basement unit. Use shims to level it if needed and cut them off flush against the frame using a utility knife. Add screws if necessary depending on the type of material you have chosen. Finish by calking around the perimeter of the entire unit.

Energy Efficient Windows

Before you purchase a basement window replacement, be sure to shop for Energy Star approved products. The Energy Star program is a program that encourages homeowners to purchase energy efficient home improvement material by providing them tax rebates or tax savings. You may qualify for these savings if you use approved products. In order for a product to gain the Energy Star approval, it must meet certain efficiency criteria.

The three items that determine a window's energy efficiency are the U value, the solar heat gain, and the air infiltration. The U value, or U factor measures the amount of heat, in BTU's, that flows through the glass. If a unit has a low U value, it is considered to be well insulated. The solar heat gain is the measurement of the amount of solar energy a window allows through it. Homeowners who live in an area that have a colder climate usually prefer a higher solar heat gain. The air infiltration is the amount of air that seeps around a windows perimeter.

Energy Star windows are another type of window that is definitely worth your consideration when looking for replacements. In the winter, they keep the cold out and the heat in. In the summer, they keep the heat out and the coolness in. Energy Star ratings were created by the United States Department of Energy to assist us in finding the most energy and cost efficient products for our homes. They save energy by being sealed well and not allowing outside air in or inside air out; which can save you bundles on your utility bills.

The better the quality of the constructions and installation of these windows, the higher the rating and the more energy efficient they are. Whether you consider yourself an eco-friendly person or not, these basement replacement windows are a fantastic way to save money and no one wants to give away money they do not have to. Additionally, they are low maintenance and can be very long lasting. A basement is generally a place where you find a lot of moisture. Having quality basement replacement windows will ensure that your space is not on the temperature you desire, but dryer as well.

You may also be considering putting basement replacement windows were there were none originally. This can add give the room or rooms in your basement added light. This is a great idea if you are looking to take this area of your home from an unused space to a functional room for your family to spend time. Creating extra rooms in your home with also add value to it which is great when you go to sell the house. An increase in the useful square footage of your home is definitely a return on the investment of basement replacement windows.

There are many different options in the products used to replace your window. You can find various sizes and styles and even colors if you look in the right place. Starting online is a great way to find quotes and get an idea of the expenses you will be facing.

Vinyl Basement Replacement Windows

Most replacement products that you buy today have excellent energy efficiency. One of the most energy efficient ones is the vinyl window. Vinyl is an ideal choice for a basement replacement because of its low maintenance. You will never need to worry about standing water around the house from a heavy rain or snow affecting your vinyl windows. They will not rot or warp like wood, and will not bend like aluminum.

You can purchase a vinyl basement window replacement in many sizes and styles to fit your needs. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors to match the other windows around your home. The paint for a vinyl window is mixed into the vinyl at the factory so they will never fade, chip, or peel unlike some other designs. The frames of a vinyl window are designed much like a storm window. They are hollow and trap air inside to allow for better insulation.

No matter what style of basement window replacement you need, consider using vinyl for your replacements. You will no doubt enjoy the fact that you will never need to worry about painting your vinyl windows. Add to that the fact that they are extremely energy efficient, and you can see why many homeowners are using vinyl for their basement window replacement projects.

A basement window replacement is the ideal way to increase your home's energy efficiency. You can save hundreds of dollars when you shop online for the basement window replacement products you need. Be sure to ask the provider for prices on Energy Star approved products and save your receipts to give to your tax professional.

Locating Replacement Basement Windows Online

Replacement basement windows are easy to locate online, and you can choose from lots of different affordable options. Choosing to replace the basement windows in your home shouldn't be much cause for stress. It's an easy replacement project, and there are lots of different options out there in terms of products. You can find a really great deal on these new products for your home and rest assured that your windows will be functioning properly in no time at all.

If you own a basement, you'll know that having properly functioning windows is important. Once a window stops functioning properly, then you know it's time for a replacement. As basements are below the rest of the house, they are often not open to much natural light. Having a good, clean window in there can really brighten things up a bit. If the window that you have now is soiled and doesn't let a lot of light in, then it may be time to begin a little remodeling project. Choosing replacement basement windows by comparing window replacement prices is the first step in this process.

When a window wears down, it can also start to let some of the warm or cool air out of your home. During the winter this will cause you to burn more electricity to keep the room warm and in the summer you will have to turn up the air conditioning. This can actually lead to really high utility bills, and this can put a strain on any family. When you are deciding on your replacement basement windows, consider getting some energy star products to keep all of the energy well contained within your basement.

Securing Good Deals

If you are worried about the cost of replacing your vinyl basement windows, then there are a lot of things that you can do to try and bring down the price. First of all, you need to actually take the time to compare different products and see which one is going to provide you with the best deal. You can go online and get some quotes for different replacement windows. Once you gather all of these quotes together, then it's a good idea to review all of their attributes before you make a final decision. Taking a little time to look through these options will be a great thing, as it means that you can really get a good sense of everything that is out there and end up making the right decision.

Another thing you can do to get a good deal on your replacement basement windows is to look for products that include free installation. Getting these products installed is likely going to cost a lot of money if you have to hire professionals to do it after you have purchased your products. A lot of times, suppliers work out deal with contractors who will come in and install the replacement basement windows professionally. So if you are looking for a good way to save money, then check and see if the replacement basement windows installation is included when you purchase your products.

The Installation Process

Sometimes, you will end up choosing a product that does not include installation fees. This may be because you just want to choose your own expert or because you think that you can get a better deal by securing a replacement installation expert on your own. When you decide to do this, you need to make sure that you are going to choose someone that you can trust. You don't just want to pick someone because of the price because that could mean that you are not getting the quality service that you deserve.

You may want to choose a local contractor to install your replacement basement windows. This is a good idea because the installation process could be dangerous and you could lose a lot of money if the replacement basement products are not installed properly in the basement. Before you do select a local contractor for your replacement windows project, you should check into the provider's background and see if you are going to be working with someone you can trust. Your home is no doubt precious to you, so it's important to only work with professionals who have great reputations for quality service.

If you don't want to pay the fees associated with a contractor, then you might be able to get a local handyman to install your replacement basement windows. Generally, you can find lots of local handymen in any given area and their rates are sometimes lower than those of a contractor. Before you do choose such an individual to work on your replacement basement windows, just make sure that he or she is actually qualified to do such a job. You don't want to sacrifice any quality for a cheap rate.

Installing basement windows can cut your energy costs by building energy savings. Installing a vinyl replacement window with energy saving designations in your basement can help lighten up your basement, and make it easier to access fresh air. The cost of replacing or installing basement window can be worth it, if you do it right the first time. A certified installer and dealer can help make all of these great pluses of installing basement window a reality.

The advantages of installing vinyl or even aluminum in the basement are extremely low maintenance, relatively inexpensive materials compared to wood and newer product features that make for easier ownership over all. Now days window materials are available that are even mold and bacteria resistant. Wood has its own pluses, but mostly for architectural value in a more visible portion of your home or office building. It is more maintenance, especially in typically damper, less easily controlled climates such as the basement.

Installing basement window these days may involve a little structural work, such as cutting a bigger opening. Newer window materials are otherwise fairly simple for a certified professional installer and dealer. The wider opening for installing your new product will allow for more light, and for greater insulation against the elements.

Though, it is important to look for a certified dealer who can recommend the best window for installing in your basement. Association of Window and Door Installers (AWDI) offers certification for both installers and dealers. Basic certification is typically for one specific brand of window, while master level certification covers installing and service of most brands. According to AWDI, 90 percent of window problems are created from improper installation. It is therefore very important to find a qualified installer.

Installing Basement Window Enhances Energy Saving

The Department of Energy has Energy Star criteria to guide consumers to products that will help cut energy costs by buying the most energy efficient products up front. They rate two factors for window: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-factor. Solar heat gain coefficient simply tells you how well a pane blocks the heat from the sun. The U-factor indicates how well a product insulates, or retains heat. The lower the value the better a product insulates, and the more of the sun's heat is blocked.

It is a good idea to further check out the climate maps for the U.S. that the Department of Energy provides when you are comparing products. That is because in some climates, it is more ideal to have heat retained. And, of course in other climates it is better to have heat blocked.

The National Fenestration Council has even more criteria to help consumers choose the most energy efficient products. These criteria include Visible Transmittance, or the amount of light passing through the glass; Air Leakage, or measurements of air seeping inside via the joints and Condensation Resistance, or how well a window resists condensation.

Installing basement window can help you save money if these rating factors are ideal for your climate. In addition, there is Low-emissivity coating (Low-e), which is a microscopic layer of metal glazed between the panes of glass where there is double glazing. Where there are hot summers and brutally cold winters, it would be necessary to have what is called double glazed. They keep heat inside in winter and during the summer keep the heat outside. These are particularly important features when installing basement structures because whatever happens in the basement radiates into the rest of your house.

Considerations for installing, such as installers, dealers and product features are important. But, so too are the quality of the materials used to make the products work optimally. A high quality double glazed variety can last decades, versus a lower quality manufacturing job. Using online quotes makes finding the best certified professionals much easier and quicker.

In addition, feel free to ask for references, when you find a few installers and dealers who seem to meet your budget criteria. Satisfied customers will be more than happy to share the value of the services their installers and dealers offered. A good working relationship with a knowledgeable, trustworthy installer and dealer can help save time and money. In case their are any issues that need to be ironed out down the road, it is great to have a reliable service person.

Installing basement window can save you much money in terms of helping seal up a drafty basement. It can bring years of light shining into your once dark downstairs. Installing can save you much time that was once spent on maintaining materials exposed to probably the harshest elements your house faces. It is important to be sure that the materials and installation are of the highest quality you can afford. This will help ensure a long-lasting, care-free existence with your new product.

How Installing Basement Windows Saves Money and Time

The hardest decisions when considering installing basement windows will be what fashion you care to see for decades: double sliding, hopper, or glass block, even. There now exist features that were just a pipe dream when they were creating or originally installing basement windows in your home. Some of these fantastic features are aimed at hampering age old problems for the basement and for windows in the basement. They include rot and mold resistant varieties, in addition to vinyl, which will automatically save you time on painting and repainting or double pane window repair, and even on cleaning making sure they continue to function properly despite the climate down in the basement. An added bonus is the energy savings you can realize when installing basement windows.

Installing the ubiquitously seen Energy Star variety is another way to beat the heat, wind, water and cold.The U.S. Department of Energy created these ratings to help you find the most energy and financially efficient products. The ratings basically come down to two areas of concern; what is called U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). For windows that further meet the even more stringent criteria the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings include items called Visible Transmittance (VT), Air Leakage (AL) and Condensation Resistance (CR).

U-factor is the ability of a window to insulate, or how well it allows heat and cold to pass through the panes. A lower number indicates a better ability to withstand heat or cold transfer, or better ability to insulate. SHGC basically indicates how well a window blocks the sun's heat from entering your home or office. Again, the lower the number, the better a window blocks the heat from the sun. Inherent to a window is light entering the panes. Well, there is a measurement for that too. It is VT, and the higher the value, the more light is allowed inside your home or office.

And, probably the easiest to understand is AL, which just tells you how much and how quickly air will seep through the joints and seams of your windows. The lower the AL value, the less air leakage. Finally, condensation resistance measures how well the window resists dreaded water buildup, or condensation. The higher the value, the better a window protects against water showing up in your windows, where it is most dreaded and unwanted.

The better the quality of construction and installation of a window, the better it meets strict rating criteria and the lower maintenance of the materials create the optimal ownership experience. These days a window can last comfortably for decades. The lower the maintenance, the greater the ability for it to do its job, the warmer, dryer, and happier your family can live. Do not delay in finding out who can handle installing your basement windows. Installing basement windows can brighten your day by allowing in more light and by releasing the pain of your old panes.

On the Bright Side: Installing Basement Windows Where There Are None

And, if you do not yet have a window to the world in your cellar, then consider finding an ample professional to break through the masonry so that you may start to enjoy some light in your otherwise darkened downstairs area. Installing a window lessens that dank, damp, cellar smell, feel, and makes the downstairs more inviting, livable and healthier, as it helps to increase light, air and other positive aspects of the outside world inside your cellar. When making home improvements, there is almost always the question of price versus return on investment.

Well, installing basement windows results in a good return on investment. It is because this actually adds to the value of your home. An added bonus is that it decreases your maintenance on the home somewhat, while increasing your standard of living within the confines of the often forgotten cellar or downstairs area.

Installing basement windows can increase the value of your home, especially when there were none beforehand. In addition, there are so many economical factors to a window now, that decrease their maintenance and increase your quality of life within your home. See what a new window can do for you.

Replacement Screens

When replacing your windows, you may also want to consider replacing or adding screens to them, as well. It is great in those cooler fall and spring months to be able to open a window or two up and enjoy the weather. This can also keep your home from becoming to stagnant or damp; this is especially true in basement rooms. Replacement screens are a. inexpensive way to enhance your living space.

Have you noticed how annoying is can be when a fly or mosquito sneaks into your home. They can be quite annoying and if you have pets, they can be driven absolutely crazy trying to catch them. New replacement screens in your basement as well as other rooms in your house can prevent that. Over time, old screens can develop small whole. They may not be noticeable to you, but bugs can sneak in through these spaces and make your home their own for a while.

Replacement screens for basement replacement windows are also very affordable and an easy project to take on by yourself. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any window in your home. If you cannot find one to fit a particularly odd-shaped window, there are even kits that help you create a replacement screen for any window with a few measurements and a little handy work.

A basement window replacement will keep your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Shop online and compare replacement prices from a wide range of basement window replacement providers. You can save hundreds of dollars when you shop online. If you need windows in your basement, now is a great time to buy. You can even qualify for tax credits if you purchase energy efficient material to do the replacement with.

Single, Double, or Triple Paned Replacement Windows