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Arched Windows

Last updated on 01/20/2022

A lot of current window designs have their roots planted firmly in the last century. Arched windows, however, date much farther back. They definitely aren't builder grade or stock standard, and they effortlessly give off a grand but charming atmosphere.

However, before you install arched windows in your home, it's essential that you understand how they differ from regular windows and what their pros and cons are.

Otherwise, you might end up making an expensive mistake, as arched windows aren't cheap.

Ready to learn more about arched windows? Continue reading to find out what type of architecture they complement, their background, their benefits and disadvantages, and more.

What Are Arched Windows?

Whether you know their name or not, you have probably seen arched windows at one point or another. Arched windows are, as their name suggests, arched at the top.

They often have multiple panes of glass, specifically two casement style window panes making up the bottom and a semi-circle pane at the top. There are lots of variations however when it comes to the number and size of panes.

A bay window in a bedroom

Are you after a timeless look for your home? Arched windows could be perfect for achieving this.

Types of Arched Windows

Some arched windows feature one large semicircle pane at the top, while others sport multiple sash bars fanning out from the bottom center of the semicircle. Depending on the style, some have double hung windows at the bottom, and others have picture windows.

As far as size goes, most arched windows are fairly large and tall. Although they can be found in almost any size, small arched windows are relatively rare. Typical widths range between 24 to 192 inches.

Apart from the number of window panes or grid design and styles, arched windows come in three main categories. These are:

Opening arched windows are great for allowing ventilation, but they can be more costly and require more maintenance. Fixed windows will get you the grand look of an arched window for less, but can make rooms a bit stuffy if you don't have other ventilation sources.

Multi-windowed options are often the best choice, as they typically cost less. You also have more flexibility and choose between two tall opening windows, or stacking four shorter ones. As long as you top things off with a semi-circle you will still get the arched look.

Where Are Arched Windows Usually Found?

Arched windows came "on-trend" during the reign of the Roman Empire. It is still seen in a lot of Roman architecture. However, the arch also migrated into other architectural styles, including Mexican architecture and Victorian homes.

Arched windows also featured in design during the Baroque, Rococo, and Art Nouveau eras.

Nowadays arches are found in a wide variety of architectural styles and homes. They are particularly suited to Spanish Colonial-style homes, Gothic homes, Romanesque design, and French eclectic. At the same time, a lot of people are choosing to incorporate arched windows into modern, more minimal homes.

One of the reasons for this is that arched windows help to soften angular architecture, which modern design is dominated by.

Pros and Cons of Arched Windows

Are you considering incorporating an arched window into your home? If so, it's important to be aware of both the pros and the cons.


The main pro to arched windows is their appearance. By nature, arched windows are more decorative than practical.

Arched windows originally came about because stonemasons and builders could create stronger window tops by packing stones in a self-supporting arch. Nowadays, however, we have lintels to do this, and very few houses are built from hewn stone!

But just because we don't need arched windows for strength anymore, they are still a valuable design element.

Arched windows instantly inject spaces with a subtle feeling of grandeur and romance. While they help to soften spaces, they are also impactful and make a statement.

Not only are arched windows a statement feature, but they can also make your home feel more expensive. There is nothing standard or run-of-the-mill about arched windows. Instead, they give off an aura of custom design.

If we look back to history, arched windows were typically reserved only for places of worship and the ultra-wealthy. So it makes sense that they feel opulent and special.


One of the main cons of arched windows is that they cost more than a lot of standard window styles.

However, most arched options still come in at a medium price point. In other words, they aren't the cheapest option, but they also aren't the most expensive, even though they give off an expensive aesthetic.

Another con to arched windows is that installation is more complex and more costly than regular windows. If you were thinking of doing a DIY arched window installation, don't. Arched windows have to fit snugly, and getting the top curve just perfect is something best left to professionals.

Lastly, you'll also need to give some thought to what arched window treatments you want. Some people opt for arched window blinds. Others prefer to use curtains for arched windows and either hang them from right under the ceiling or across the bottom window, leaving the semicircle on top uncovered.

Depending on which option you choose, you might find that arched window coverings will also cost you more as they'll usually need to be longer than standard, or even made to custom order.

The Average Cost of Arched Windows

If you're wondering how much an arched window installation is going to cost you, this will depend very much on the size, whether it's opening, etc.

Arched windows typically cost between $325-$875 per unit. With installation, you can expect to pay between $500-$4,000 on average per window, depending on the options you choose.

After this, you might also want to factor in any money you'll need to invest in arched window coverings.

Add Interest and Elegance With Arched Windows

Arched windows are a powerful design element that can single handedly transform a room from bland to stunningly beautiful.

Are you thinking of incorporating arched windows into your home? The first thing to do is gather a selection of quotes from installers. If you have to reach out to individual installers this can be a time-consuming process.

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