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7 Window Trends To Know About In 2022

Last updated on 01/12/2022

7 Window Trends to Know About in 2022

Of all of the functional elements of a home, windows play one of the most crucial roles in how the whole design looks. They can completely change the feel and style of a home without any other additions.

In the past, the creation of windows has been more focused on their function and less on the design side. Now, there are windows made in all different shapes and sizes and styles. Designers rely on windows to help bring the architecture and design together in a harmonized way.

If you're thinking of adding windows, here are the top seven window trends you should look for.

1. Unexpected Placement

Sometimes homeowners focus all of their attention on the way the window looks from the inside and forget that they also impact the exterior of the home as well. This year unexpected windows in unique places on the exterior are becoming more popular.

With this trend, you have to make sure that you don't get too crazy and start putting windows everywhere. They still should make sense with the flow of the home and add some value. But think about places like in a hallway, staircase, or even the bathroom and how an extra window would make them feel more finished.

Bathroom window trends include both transoms and filtered picture windows to bring in that natural light.

2. Large and Oversized

Along the same lines, many designers are using sizes that are out of the ordinary in their window choices. They're putting large, oversized windows in the main spaces of the home.

This can be done to emphasize the view of the home or just to create a statement. There really is nothing quite like walking into a room to see a huge piece of glass on the wall, it can be breathtaking when done correctly.

Picture windows are the perfect choice for this trend and can be made in all kinds of customized sizes. A big window will take the home from the builder's grade to look like it was individually created by a professional interior designer instantly.

3. Opening to the Outside

Bringing the indoor and outdoor spaces of a home together has been a huge trend in interior design for the past few years. Homeowners want to take advantage of all of their space to better use their homes.

Windows can go a long way to reaching that goal and making the areas flow together better.

The most dramatic way to achieve that goal is to add windowed doors so you can not only see outside but get there as well. Adding more than one set can take things up another level and be a fun addition to your home.

4. Black Trim

No window trend has been more widespread or made as big of an impact that black frames and trim coming back. This look fits in with every type of style and has an impact on every space it's added to.

The simple change from a white window frame to a black one makes an ordinary item look like a custom piece.

Many homeowners have chosen to tackle this trend using DIY skills and some paint. It would be much simpler (and better looking) to simply buy the windows with a black frame from the start. You'll have a better quality finish and have to do much less work to achieve it!

5. Arch Shapes

While a less universal trend, arched windows have been popping up in the design world more and more. These are a full jump into the customized world of interior design.

An arch window is so out of the ordinary it can stand out in any space it's added to. There's no doubt it will be the showstopper and a main focal point. Done correctly, the arched windows can add character and a bit of sweetness to your home. It won't feel like every other home you've been in but like you've stepped back in time just a little bit.

6. Increased Energy Efficiency

When you search "window trends near me", no matter what year it is, chances are something about energy efficiency is going to come up. Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more efficient and windows are a great way to do that.

It's been the trend in the past several years to focus on purchasing energy-star-rated windows. These are the ones that are designed to create a tight seal, hold in the temperature-controlled air, and lower your power usage overall. It's amazing the effect this simple addition to your home can have.

7. Feature Windows

The key to good interior design is finding the balance between all of the elements in a room. You want everything to work together for a cohesive look and feel. But you also want some interest and unique touches to keep it from feeling flat and boring.

Making a window the feature of the room is a great way to bring that attention but not overpower the other elements of the room.

A window that is used as the focal point and feature accent of the room will play the perfect backdrop for whatever your style is. It's a universally pleasant addition that can work in any space, with any style, and in any location.

Window Trends to Watch in 2022

These window trends are all about taking something every home has and making it a special feature that influences the whole design of the space. A unique window can make the whole space feel more special and intentional.

The key to having the most success with a trendy window is to work with a professional team throughout the whole project. This way you know that it's not only beautiful but also structurally sound and installed correctly. You'll get the best of both worlds with a fun, new feature for your home and also the function of more natural light.

If you are interested in looking at the window options for your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment by filling out the form at the top of this page!

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