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What is Condensation?

Condensation on windows is a common problem with older ones, and can sometimes even occur in newer windows. There are a variety of possible causes for condensation, but a proper understanding of what condensation actually is can really help homeowners decide if the problem they are having is reason enough for window replacement.

Condensation is caused by excess humidity in the air. Invisible water vapor sits in humid air, and at cooler temperatures it turns into water droplets. Condensation in this manner presents itself on the surface of windows and other objects around the home. There are some ways to prevent condensation which can really help keep this problem from affecting your quality of life.

Ways to Combat Window Condensation

Condensation is more than a nuisance in the home. It can cause more serious problems than simple inconvenience or aggravation. It can actually cause structural deterioration to windows and other objects over time. And condensation left unchecked can lead to the growth of mold in the home.

To prevent or reduce condensation in your home, there are simple measures you can take to counteract that humidity in the air. To cut down on moisture, always use bathroom fans when taking a shower. Employ fans in the kitchen and in laundry rooms to keep air clear and circulating. Use a dehumidifier in particularly humid areas of the home to remove excess humidity from the air and cut down on the risk of mold, condensation and other problems.

Condensation on Home's Inside

Condensation on the inside of a window pane results from humid air contacting the colder temperature present on the glass. The more humid the home is and the colder it is outside, the greater the chance for condensation. Do everything you can to counteract this potential threat.

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