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What is the AAMA?

The AAMA is an acronym for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, an organization that was founded in the 1930s. Ever since the beginning of its existence, one of the main concerns of this organization has been to serve manufacturers and professionals in the fenestration industry. This term "fenestration" gets tossed out a lot when people talk about windows and doors. Fenestration simply means openings in a building such as double hung windows, doors, curtain wall and storefronts, and skylights.

What the AAMA Does

Today, the group works to take on the technical and marketing needs of product manufacturers, as well as suppliers. They strive toward continual improvement on product performance by developing methods for impartial third party evaluation. And they take on the various regulatory issues that come up from time to time in the industry.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is the leading trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of home fenestration products. Membership works together to think about important issues affecting the industry and come up with solutions. And membership is a great resource for any company looking to get ahead in the industry. Membership includes several hundred manufacturers as well as suppliers and consultants.

AAMA lobbies on behalf of its membership on items of interest such as local and state codes as well as other issues in construction as they have to do with product specifications. Members participate in the leading trade association in the industry, get the benefit of enhanced product marketing thanks to AAMA certification, and have access to organizational research and worldwide commercial opportunities.

Applying for AAMA Membership

Manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers can apply for corporate membership in the organization, while architects, builders, and building officials can apply for professional membership in the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Membership has its benefits.

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