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A Jacksonville window replacement is the ideal way to increase the energy efficiency of a Florida home. You will see savings on the very first heating and cooling bill once the replacements are complete. If you have noticed that your FL home is getting very warm in the summer despite the best efforts of the cooling system, it is probably time to do a Jacksonville window replacement. Shop online to find the best available rates on a replacement in your area. You will undoubtedly be pleased at the affordability of replacements.

Energy Star

When shopping for a replacement for a window in a Jacksonville, FL home, be sure to look for Energy Star approved products. The Energy Star emblem tells you that the window has passed vigorous testing for energy efficiency. When you use more energy efficient products, you may also qualify for a tax rebate on the cost of the window through the Energy Star program.

The Energy Star program was developed to encourage homeowners to use energy efficient products when doing their home improvement projects. Be sure to save the receipts for the window as well as the installation receipts and talk to the tax professional you use to determine what rebates you might be eligible for.

In order for a Jacksonville window replacement to be energy efficient, it must have a low U value, or U factor, a low air infiltration, and the proper amount of solar heat gain in Jacksonville, Florida. The solar heat gain is the measurement of the amount of solar energy that passes through the windowpane. In warmer climates like FL, it is important to have a lower solar heat gain.

Replacement Window Cost

The cost to replace a window in Florida depends on the material you use and the size of the windows to be replaced. If cost is a concern, there are several items you can do to help minimize the damage to your pocketbook. One of the easiest things to do is to spread the replacements over time. You might want to do the worst windows first and then work your way through the others as you can.

Another great way to save on the cost of the Jacksonville window replacement in a home is to choose low cost material. One of the best replacement windows for this purpose is the vinyl styles. Florida vinyl window replacement is an excellent choice for any replacement need. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and will last for many years.

If cost is not a concern, and you like the look of wood but not the upkeep, you may want to consider using a composite material. Composite windows will not warp or rot like wood will and require virtually no maintenance. These windows are slightly higher in price, but well worth it in the amount of efficiency you will gain in your Jacksonville home.

Another great way to lower the cost of the replacements is to consider doing the work yourself. Replacing windows is not hard, especially for jobs like single paned glass window replacement and can be done by anyone who is handy with tools. If you are nervous to do the work yourself, consider splitting the work with a contractor. For instance, you can remove the old units and allow the contractor to place the new ones.

Replace Windows

To replace the windows in your Jacksonville home, first measure the units you plan to replace. Carefully measure the width and the length of your old units in three places and record the lowest measurement. This will ensure you purchase a Jacksonville window replacement that will fit properly.

The next item you will want to look at is the frames. If you have frames on your old windows that are rotted or damaged, you will need to replace the frames at the same time you replace the windows. A new Jacksonville window replacement will not fit properly in a damaged frame and so will not give you maximum efficiency.

If you do have damaged frames, you may want to consider hiring a Jacksonville contractor to do the replacement project for you. The contractor will add a new frame and ensure the Jacksonville window replacement fits snugly into the opening. Be sure to get quotes from several licensed and insured contract companies before you choose one.

A Jacksonville window replacement is the best way to increase the value of your Jacksonville home while improving the look and the energy efficiency. Be sure, when you are shopping for a Jacksonville window replacement that you look for efficient products and save the receipts for tax purposes. No matter whether you are replacing casement, awning, or picture windows, you will find amazing savings from a variety of providers when you shop online. Compare quotes and order the replacements from the comfort of your living room or office.

Author: Joseph Gringeri

Jacksonville Window Suppliers

Click the links below to see a list of local window retailers, contractors, and manufacturers.


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    3325 Eunice Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32250
    (904) 221-6644
  • A1 Auto Glass
    5245 Amazon Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32254
    (904) 353-4555
  • ABC Windows Of Jax
    6684 Columbia Park Dr S # 6
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    (904) 374-5512
  • All Phases Remodeling
    4044 Lenox Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32254
    (850) 554-5123
  • Alside Supply Ctr
    9855 Mining Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (904) 886-7750
  • Architectural Windows-Cabinets
    327 Tresca Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 725-8495
  • Big D Building Ctr
    PO Box 40706
    Jacksonville, FL 32203
    (904) 350-6600
  • C R Investments
    12631 Shady Creek Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32223
    (904) 292-2563
  • Colin Lovejoy's Home Mntnc
    7287 Eagles Perch Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32244
    (904) 777-3187
  • Coverall Interiors
    6680 Columbia Park Dr S # 1
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    (904) 268-3240
  • Dean Laurie Sabert Jr
    4162 Aldington Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    (904) 771-0541
  • Denis Lemire General Repairs
    6215 Carlton Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32244
    (904) 771-0235
  • Donald's Remodeling Inc
    1506 W 16th St
    Jacksonville, FL 32209
    (904) 356-8189
  • Donteas Remodeling
    2412 Mark Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 329-1034
  • Extreme Window Repair Inc
    8619 Hammondwood Rd S
    Jacksonville, FL 32221
    (904) 219-5866
  • Frieda Window Systems Inc
    5149 Sunbeam Rd # 1
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (904) 443-0034
  • Gallimore Construction & Home
    1629 10th St S
    Jacksonville, FL 32250
    (904) 838-7743
  • Harrington Remodeling
    12442 Apple Leaf Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32224
    (904) 838-1542
  • Home Depot
    12111 Lem Turner Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32218
    (904) 766-2818
  • Home Depot
    12721 Atlantic Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 220-1010
  • Home Depot
    9520 Regency Square Blvd N
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 727-7574
  • Home Depot
    9751 Crosshill Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32222
    (904) 771-3372
  • Home Depot
    3790 3rd St S
    Jacksonville, FL 32250
    (904) 247-7234
  • Home Right Windows & Doors
    4801 Executive Park Ct
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    (904) 701-7609
  • Homerite Windows & Doors
    4801 Executive Park Ct # 207
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    (904) 296-2515
  • Hurricane Armor
    10550 Deerwood Park Blvd # 650
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 861-0000
  • Jacksonville Brick & Door
    PO Box 12267
    Jacksonville, FL 32209
    (904) 350-9112
  • Kenneth Whyrick Remodeling
    4242 Lexington Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    (904) 334-6108
  • Lee & Cates Glass
    142 N Madison St
    Jacksonville, FL 32204
    (904) 366-6757
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    12945 Atlantic Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 486-4701
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    13125 City Square Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32218
    (904) 696-4063
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    4040 Oldfield Crossing Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32223
    (904) 886-7112
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    5155 Lenox Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    (904) 486-1260
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    8054 Philips Hwy
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 828-5170
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    9525 Regency Square Blvd N
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 855-8088
  • Miracle Windows & Sunroom
    8640 Philips Hwy # 25
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 367-1797
  • Miracle Windows & Sunrooms
    8933 Western Way # 11
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 363-8319
  • Monroe Construction Of Jax Inc
    5513 Oliver Creek Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    (904) 262-2181
  • P & P Remodeling Inc
    2783 Selma St
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    (904) 388-3185
  • Pella Windows & Doors
    7818 Philips Hwy # 200
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 731-8033
  • Power Windows & More Inc
    630 Egret Bluff Ln
    Jacksonville, FL 32211
    (904) 631-5810
  • Prividence Windows & Doors
    463 Portobello Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32221
    (904) 384-3416
  • Quality 1st Jax Remodeling
    1966 Lakewood Cir S
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 900-3057
  • Reinhardt Restoration Inc
    790 Hickory Hill Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32221
    (904) 219-9905
  • Remodeling Service
    2739 Ruth Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 731-5819
  • Suncoast Property Renovations
    12086 Fort Caroline Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 642-2330
  • Thompson Remodeling-Repair
    2281 W 10th St
    Jacksonville, FL 32209
    (904) 253-3324
  • U B Exterior Design Inc
    4002 Aldington Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    (904) 389-5125
  • Visionnaire Of Jax
    2910 W Beaver St
    Jacksonville, FL 32254
    (904) 861-1992
  • WA Remodeling Inc
    8802 Corporate Square Ct
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    (904) 724-4888
  • Wameling Enterprises
    11488 Cypress Bend Ct
    Jacksonville, FL 32223
    (772) 233-3373
  • Weather Wise Windows & Doors
    5771 Mining Ter # 204
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (904) 288-8711
  • Weatherwise Windows & Doors
    12057 Lake Fern Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    (904) 268-7765
  • Window Designs Inc
    7777 Pinnacle Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32221
    (904) 781-1554
  • Window Gang
    1258 Saint Johns Bluff Rd N
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (904) 565-4452
  • Window Man Inc
    965 Granville Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    (904) 695-0990
  • Window World
    8110 Cypress Plaza Dr # 405
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    (904) 443-7001

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