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What is the Cause of High Humidity?

High humidity is a real issue in many homes across the country. The presence of high humidity inside the home makes living conditions very uncomfortable. And it also poses a threat to the structural integrity of the home and the performance of windows and other items. High humidity can lead to condensation on the surface of the windows. In many cases where it is extremely humid, it can even present itself as condensation on interior surfaces. But windows are often a target because of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the home.

Condensation Caused by High Humidity

Condensation on windows and other surfaces throughout the home is caused by the presence of high humidity in the air. Many areas of the country are prone to these conditions in general; and certain things can bring about high humidity in a particular home. Lack of ventilation and proper air flow through the home discourages humidity to dissipate and leaves excess moisture in the air. If it is allowed to dissipate naturally or by the use of fans and dehumidifiers, humidity is much less likely to lead to condensation on the surface of your home's windows.

Condensation is basically caused by excess water vapors that are present in the air when it is very humid. When this water vapor comes into contact with another surface that's much cooler than the room temperature (like a window or the bathroom mirror), it turns into droplets of water and clings to that cooler surface. Bathroom fans should always be used when you take a shower or run the bath. Fans and dehumidifiers around the house should also be utilized. Take these important steps to prevent humidity from leading to condensation and potentially causing more serious problems.

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